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Built in Austin Switch Cowork

This Startup Wants To Turn Austin's Restaurants and Bars Into Coworking Spaces During the Day

The following excerpt is taken from Built in Austin:

In October, a new kind of coworking space launched in Austin — one that you can roll into at 9 a.m. and stick around for drinks following a hard day’s work.

Meet Switch Cowork, the new company turning restaurants and bars into coworking spaces for freelancers, startup and remote employees. The brainchild of founders Christa Freeland and Jacob Morin, the idea is to turn a restaurant's vacant tables and bartops while it's closed during the day into space that's ready-made for getting some work done — without the noisy waves of patrons. 

Morin originally suggested modeling a new type of coworking space after that of a coffee shop, calling it "Coffee Shop 2.0." But Freeland countered with an idea of her own. 

"When he told me about this idea, I thought that that isn’t the point, " said Freeland. "The point is that the shared work space is the way people will work in the future. Coffee Shops 2.0 is a risk. It’s more expensive. So I suggested getting bar owners to open during the day to do a share program, and we'll bring people to the space." 

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