How To Stay Productive in a Shared Work Environment

Switch Coworking Austin

We asked several local entrepreneurs and business leaders in the Austin community how they crank out work while avoiding distractions in a shared work space. The following tips can be applied when operating out of a coffee shop, open-desk coworking office... and of course, unique work environments like Switch Cowork.

Corina Frankie

"If I know my work session is going to run long, I choose a spot that has both food and drink, or at least has that within easy walking distance."
-Corina Frankie, Founder and CEO of Brand Besties

Ruben Cantu

"Work by sunlight... seriously sunlight is awesome! Also, try drinking enough water to where it makes you frequent the restroom, which is both good for your organs and skin, but also requires you to get up and shake things off."
-Ruben Cantu, CEO of LevelUp Institute and Core Media Strategies

Bijoy Goswami

"Use earbuds! They are a great visual market showing that you don't want to be disturbed."
-Bijoy Goswami, Founder of Bootstrap Austin

Switch Cowork Pin

Play some of your favorite songs while you work. It'll lift your mood and give you extra energy to be productive!

Chase White

"When I'm putting myself in a space like a coffee shop or coworking space to work, it's usually very intentional; so that I can focus on making significant progress on creative or strategic projects without distractions that I might otherwise be obligated to give attention to."
-Chase White, Founder and CEO of Loom

Switch Cowork Pin

Some locations with open work spaces are quieter during different part of the day. For Switch this is generally between 9am and 10:30am. Check Facebook or Google's "Popular Times" for information on historical foot traffic data. If you're looking for minimal distractions, or alternatively, looking for high energy, it might make for a better work experience.

Michael Cummings

"Put specific 30 minute time blocks where you're dedicated to one task only. In social environments this can mean planning on having time scheduled for interacting with others. Everyone is different... I'm a bit more social than most, so things like that are important to me or I can find myself letting other people dominate my time."
-Michael Cummings, Founder at ExploreThere

Lynan Saperstein

"I make sure to find a comfortable spot by an outlet to keep my computer charged and finish tasks. Also I don't go anywhere without my Roost laptop stand and keyboard/trackpad so I'm not hunching my neck down to a laptop screen for hours upon hours."
-Lynan Saperstein, Chief Marketing Strategist and CEO at The Experience Experts, and Founder and Lead Organizer of the Austin Women Entrepreneur Community

Let us know what we're missing by adding your suggestions on productive work styles in the comments section below.