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How to Make Friends at a Coworking Space

The following except is taken from Built In Austin:

To help remote employees and young startups staffed with only one or two people locally, many companies have turned to coworking spaces. They help fill the void of not having a lively office and often provide basic amenities like coffee or snacks that some startups can't quite afford just yet. But meeting people can still be a bit tricky, given that you're typically there by yourself, heads down, and working.

We reached out to four local coworking spaces to learn what they do to make it easier for people to meet new folks and make office friends.

Christa Freeland is the co-founder of Switch Cowork:

What do you suggest folks do to meet people at their coworking space?

Definitely attend the events that the coworking spaces plan. To make it really valuable, have a one-liner and/or succinct explanation of what your company does and what you’re looking for, since in this setting, people want to know how they can easily help.

What does Switch Cowork offer specifically to help foster new relationships? 

A few times a week, Switch hosts digital and traditional networking groups to cowork with us for a day. These groups are usually focused in areas of startup, freelance/remote worker, social good and other similar areas. The events have ended up being great times to work and network with other people in the same (or intentionally different!) industries.

What advice do you have for people when they are trying to find "the best" coworking space for them? 

My best advice is to really think about your needs. There is a coworking space for everyone now, so you’re bound to find something you're happy with in terms of price, location, focus, environment and more. If you travel a lot, you can get a membership to a coworking space that’s in tons of cities. If you’re big on coffee, there are plenty of great options in Austin that do it well. If it’s not about fancy offices or coffee, you might want to check out Switch. 

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