Press: The Toronto Star

Flexday Startup Turns Restaurants Into Working Offices

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... “I love the hell out of it. I didn’t see any downsides,” says White, on the decision to join, noting it is “zero cost” to the restaurant. Flexday staff open the space early in the morning, brewing unlimited coffee before Flexday clients arrive to work at the restaurant tables. “We don’t have to staff it — that’s the best part,” White says.

White says Marben may hire a barista down the line and provide snacks to enhance the Flexday experience. “Sandwiches, muffins. What you would get at a coffee shop, but a little bit more elevated and less expensive,” he says.

Flexday is among the latest in sharing economy startups, but not the first to look at empty restaurant space. New York-based Spacious offers $95 monthly or $999 US annual memberships for access to more than a dozen restaurants across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Jersey City. Austin-based Switch Cowork offers a $49 monthly membership for space at select bars and restaurants. Australian startup TwoSpace takes over restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne for a $169 AUD monthly rate.

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